Monday, April 14, 2014

Santa Barbara

We have now been in Santa Barbara for a week, and I've posted several food-themed posts over at We've been doing lots of birdwatching, eating well, and enjoying the beautiful mountains, lakes, beaches, and the town. 

Last night we ate at the Enterprise Fish Co.
It's what I think of as a traditional California fish restaurant,
and has been in business for around 35 years. 
The building is kind of old and semi-industrial: seems once to have been a laundry.
Aromas of garlic mussels, freshly sauteed fish, and lobster are all enticing.
It's an aromatic environment.
This plant, which grows along trails everywhere, smells like dill and sage.
I guess I could try to identify it, but I like mysteries.
Here's a fellow birdwatcher enjoying Lake Los Carneros.
We walked around the lake (level dangerously low) looking at birds.
It smells of dust, herbs, and trees. 
Eucalyptus has an overpowering aroma, which always makes me think of California.
Kelp and the smell of the ocean are the other pure California aromas.
Arroyo-Burro Beach, also called "Dog Beach" because no leashes are required.
Seaweed, birds, and mussels on the rocks must also contribute
to the aromas of the beach.


Linda said...

Hi Mae....
Thanks for visiting my blog...
Looks like you are having a grand time!
Safe travels....
Linda :o)

ps...always did you find my blog??

Vagabonde said...

Such a lovely post, very evocative of California. It is true that odors can bring you back to special places and the eucalyptus trees will do that. Santa Barbara and surrounding area has stunning landscape – enjoy your stay there.

Nellie said...

I am here from your visit to my blog. Thank you for stopping by. Your travels are much more adventuresome than mine! I tend to go only to places that I can reach by driving. Not too keen on airplane travel.

I wish you well on your journeys!