Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Well, the Tel Aviv airport has free wireless access! So here we sit waiting for our flight to Istanbul. We had lots of time, because the lines were all very short or no line at all. We got through electronich checkin, security, passport control, and into the duty free area in around 15 or 20 minutes. The usual questions: this security agent concentrated on learning about our Jewish background and practice. Didn't we learn Hebrew as children? No, we were Reform Jews. Did we belong to a Reform congregation now? No, we are secular Jews, but active in the Jewish community. Also a few questions about what we did in Israel and where our luggage has been spending its time. And that was all. Little pink stickers everywhere.

The only line was to get my VAT back for things I bought at Janet's favorite store Dervish. In line, I was calm. Uncharacteristically. When some people jumped the line and went straight to the window instead of waiting, the people behind me were furious. I remained calm.

I hope the flight and meeting with our Istanbul host go as well as our plans for the day. We packed the last of our stuff, cleaned up the apartment a little, turned in the rental car, house keys and id cards, packed all our stuff in Janet's car, had lunch at her house, and then she drove us to the airport. It seems too easy. There's no plane here at the gate, and only around 3 other passengers, so who knows if the flight will truly leave in a little over an hour. A gate agent just showed up. However, if I keep reporting this activity in real time, it will be the most boring blog post I've ever written.

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