Thursday, May 11, 2006

The way things work here

Things do function much better now than on our previous trips to Israel. However, we find ourselves in the midst of an ongoing conversion of the pedestrian gates entering the campus, which is surrounded by a high security fence. Gates now require a key for entry. The new method will be turnstiles with an electronically activated mechanism using one's ID card.

Here is my message to my husband about my experiences with the change:
I experimented with a new route to the train station via the back gate on my walk this morning and discovered the following:
  1. My electronic card (so probably yours too) isn't programmed to use the train-station gate. Lucky thing I tested before it was time to take the train! Authorities are aware of the problems -- other people might have a worse day if they actually have a train to catch!
  2. I/we can get the cards properly reactivated starting Sunday. The woman who does it is off today but I can call her Sun or Mon 8-5 and arrange when to fix the card. I'm not sure where this happens, but we can find out when we call. If it's not fixed I'll go the other way out when I want to take the train Tuesday AM.
  3. Work around: one can phone security if one gets stuck by a gate.
  4. Since you don't need to take the train, this is no big deal as that's the only electronic gate operating at the moment.
  5. The Pinsker gate [the most direct access to campus] will be out of service from May 14-26 as it says on the gate. The electronic entry for the Bet Europa gate [next best] isn't supposed to start working yet, so we should be able to use the key-entry gate there during that time.
My conclusion: we shouldn't be in a hurry to get into the campus early next week!

UPDATE: I went to the security office to get permission to use the train-station gate. Reut, the person in charge of the database, updated the file of who can go where so that now we can both use our cards to enter/exit there. And when I came back from my next trip to Tel Aviv on the train, I walked right through the station parking lot and through the gate without a problem. Meanwhile the Pinsker gate is indeed closed as announced, and work is proceeding on the turnstile at the third pedestrian gate.

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