Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tagine Lunch -- Goodbye

We had a farewell lunch at Ono, a Moroccan restaurant, with Len's host at the Weizmann. The first course, which all of us ordered, was stuffed, batter-coated, deep-fried sardines. The lemon sauce and the hot sauce served with them gave the whole dish a really delicious flavor. Portions were so generous I could have considered it my main course, but then I had chicken and artichoke bottoms over couscous.

The individual main courses each came in a cone-topped tagine serving dish, though these weren't the dishes that the food was cooked in. Lenny had lamb patties with pine nuts and other flavors. A huge plate of tiny red potatoes, fried and spiced, was his side dish.

Before lunch we stopped to look at an orchid grower's greenhouse behind a house on a moshav not far from Rehovot. The moshav subdivided some of its agricultural land a few years ago. On this subdivision, they built a housing development for children of the former members of the collective. The house's current owners bought it after the divorce of the original moshav-descended owner. I guess this is how things are evolving in Israel.

We are just about ready for our departure from Israel tomorrow afternoon.

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