Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Above Maroon Lake

maroon-tues 8
Look carefully: in this photo the rocks are all underwater!
Several times when we have walked from Maroon Lake to Crater Lake in the National Forest, we have looked down on a spectacularly clear pool of water above Maroon Lake. Finally this morning we walked the loop trail that actually gets to that amazingly clear and beautiful little pond. Even from the trail high above, you can see the rocks and grasses growing beneath the surface of the water.

We started earlier than usual, though a couple hours after the sun rose. So the light was stunning.

Some flowers and lichens:

maroon-tues 11
Perhaps the prettiest lichens I've seen
maroon-tues 9
Of course I don't know the name of this flower.
But there are lots of them blooming in the woods.
maroon-tues 10
Don't know this one's name either
maroon-tues 5
Or this, though it looks like a violet.
Len's photo of  me by the water

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