Thursday, June 06, 2013

The Ute Cemetery

ute-cemetery 1
Cemetery fence, quite near the Wheeler Ditch Trail.
Restoration of the cemetery was completed around 10 years ago.

ute-cemetery 2
Soldier's graves with similar government-issue headstones all sent from the East in 1890.

ute-cemetery 3
"J.B.Meginity: U.S.Soldier."
Meginity was a Civil War Veteran who came to Aspen to work in a silver mine.
He died in an avalanche on March 11, 1884.

ute-cemetery 5
Many graves and family plots have surrounding fences: this is one of the most elaborate

ute-cemetery 6
Grave of Jacqueline Penz, March 22, 1897-September 8, 1897

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