Friday, June 28, 2013


A favorite fountain in the Luxembourg Gardens 
After a long overnight train ride that didn't get started until almost 1 AM, we arrived in Paris this morning -- an hour and a half later than scheduled. We took a long walk, past Gertrude Stein's famous apartment on Rue Fleurus,


... on through parts of the Latin Quarter and to Notre Dame, though we didn't wait in the endless line to go inside.

The line to get into Notre Dame can be seen to the right --
but it went up a stairway and all the way around
a viewing platform from which  I took the photo.
Near Notre Dame there are as many souvenir shops as I ever remember.
Of course we have already taken the metro twice.

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Jeanie said...

That photo of the fountain would be just amazing enlarged. It's a stunner with those flowers in the foreground. Looks like a perfect day -- we lucked out at Notre Dame... the rain was coming down so hard, the line disappeared and the folks there were being let in as fast as they could come!