Saturday, June 01, 2013

Outdoor sculpture, miles long

glenwood-canyon 2
Engineering Marvel! A highway and a trail.
Highway 70 from Glenwood Springs up through Glenwood Canyon is like a huge and magnificently engineered sculpture set into the riverbed of the rushing Colorado River. Construction began in the 1970s, and took 20 years, according to the placards at the Grizzly Creek Rest Area. Special equipment was imported from France where it had been invented for building highways in the Alps; local engineering firms invented some additional new devices for building a highway in the river bed. The goal was to minimize disruption of the natural beauty. I think the whole project created its own type of beauty. I love this type of functional art!

glenwood-canyon 4
The Trail
Below the highway just above the water is a paved trail that allows one to take a magnificent bike ride or a stroll. We drove to the No Name Rest Stop on the highway which also allows access to the No Name Trailhead. From there we followed the giant sculpture up to Hanging Lake, where there is another rest stop and trailhead. It was so popular that there were no spaces for cars when we arrived there.

glenwood-canyon 7
Hanging Lake above the dam, viewed from the Rest Area.

glenwood-canyon 9
Just below Hanging Lake -- the dam that forms the lake is visible just above Len's shoulder.

glenwood-canyon 10
The Highway disappearing into a tunnel just before Hanging Lake

glenwood-canyon 11
Reward: lunch at No Name Rest Area at the end of the ride.

For more photos, click on any of these and you will see my Flickr set. Addendum:
Me, taking photos on the trail

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